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FarStone RestoreIT 2014b

Restore PC & Kill Viruses in 1 Minute

Protect & restore PC from data losses and disasters

RestoreIT 2014

Restore Windows and recover lost data instantly

RestorIT is an innovative real time data & system protection solution. After installation, RestoreIT automatically backs up your entire PC, including system files, applications, favorites, emails, music, photos, movies, and documents. In the event of data loss or system crash, RestoreIT can revert a system to a normal state in seconds. You don't even have to know what went wrong. RestoreIT simply returns your PC to a time when it was working properly and your data was intact.

Protect & Restore from a virus attack and Windows crash

RestoreIT helps releasing the fear of installing new software and Windows updates, because RestoreIT can immediately restore from a corrupted installation. It eliminates the hassles of fixing common PC problems, including accidentally deletions, system crashes, virus infections and user errors.

RestoreIT Key Features

Restore PC from a virus attach, apyware or Windows crash

Retrieve deleted or overwritten files instantly

Painless system restoration

24/7 continuous protection

Instant protection after installation

Password protection

Support UEFI-based/GPT PC

Create a snapshot restore point in 5 seconds

SMART snapshot assures virus infection can be undone

Restore Windows even if it won't boot

Safety Net secures snapshot created before virus hits

Roll Back to Pre-Virus State & Restore Files

Restore entire Windows in 2 min

Hot key recovery

Mount and preview files in snapshots

How RestoreIT Works?

Restore PC Back in Time in seconds

RestoreIT technology, which automatically backs up any disk alternation to a hidden partition on the local hard drive. In the event of a disaster, users simply choose how far back they would like to restore (e.g. an hour, two hours, one day, etc.) and with three clicks of a mouse, the recovery process is immediate and painless.

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FarStone RestoreIT


FarStone RestoreIT 2014b

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    worthy purchasing it.
    1. super fast to backup and restore 2. easy-to-use and clean interface
    Pros: clean in...   More